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Galina L. Kolomeitseva ORCID


Nikita S. Zdravchev ORCID, Alexey V. F. Ch. Bobrov ORCID, Mikhail S. Romanov ORCID, Petr S. Iovlev ORCID, Anton S. Timchenko ORCID, Anna A. Mikhaylova ORCID, Natalia D. Vasekha ORCID, Kirill V. Kuptsov ORCID, Alexey N. Sorokin ORCID & Galina L. Kolomeitseva ORCID
Structure of monomerous diaspores of Pandanus (Pandanaceae): further steps for interpretation of their nature - 2023, 12(2):23-31
ABSTRACT    PDF       Article first published online: 06 SEP 2023 | DOI: 10.17581/bp.2023.12s05

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