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Nadezhda G. Belyaeva ORCID


Kirill A. Korznikov ORCID, Jan Altman ORCID, Nadezhda G. Belyaeva ORCID, Violetta D. Dzizyurova ORCID, Dmitriy E. Kislov ORCID, Elena V. Linnik ORCID, Tatyana Ya. Petrenko ORCID & Pavel V. Krestov ORCID
Boreal to temperate forests transition within Kunashir Island (the Kuril Archipelago): Insights from the novel vegetation map - 2024. Preprint
ABSTRACT    PDF     Article first published online: 21 JAN 2024 | DOI: 10.17581/bp.2024.13109

Kirill A. Korznikov, Dmitriy E. Kislov & Nadezhda G. Belyaeva
The first record of catastrophic windthrow in boreal forests of South Sakhalin and the South Kurils (Russia) during October 2015 tropical cyclones - 2019. 8(1):31-38
ABSTRACT    PDF       Article first published online: 01 MAY 2019 | DOI: 10.17581/bp.2019.08115


Vladimir I. Gmoshinskiy, Andrey V. Matveev, Evgeny S. Gubanov, Fedor M. Bortnikov & Evgeny A. Dunayev
Critical revision of the Myxomycetes collection of Young Naturalists Club of Zoological Museum of Moscow State University - 2020, 9(2):175-190
ABSTRACT    PDF       Article first published online: 01 SEP 2020 | DOI: 10.17581/bp.2020.09211

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