The areal of Symphyllocarpus exilis Maxim. (Asteraceae), an endemic plant of Amur river basin

Amur branch of Botanical Garden-Institute of FEB RAS, Blagoveshchensk, Russia

Symphyllocarpus exilis Maxim. is an obligate hydrophilic ephemeral plant. It is a rare endangered species and taxonomic relict. This species grows only on flooded and sandy banks, silty shallows of the Amur, Ussuri and Songari rivers. The analysis of the literary data, herbarium of Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences (PE) (Beijing), Northeast Agricultural University (Harbin), Institute of Biology and Soil Sciences FEB RAS (VLA) (Vladivostok), Institute of Water and Environmental Problems FEB RAS (Khabarovsk), Bolshekhekhtzirsky State Nature Reserve (Khabarovsk region, Bychikha) and author's own researches provided sufficient detail about the distribution of the species in Russia and China to create a distribution map of the species. The plant area is disjunct and consists of two parts: Amur and Sungari. The growth of S. exilis in the flood plains of the middle reaches of the Amur and Ussuri rivers (from Khabarovsk to Tzimmermanovka) and of the middle reaches of the Sungari river (the vicinities of Harbin and Girin) is well established. Dr. A. P. Nechaev has refuted opinion that the species grows in the lower reaches of the Amur river. There is no evidence that the plant grows in the upper Amur river and the lower reaches of the Sungari river. The herbarium specimens identified earlier as S. exilis belong to other species.

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