Epiphytic lichen flora of pine-broadleaf and fir-spruce forests of South Sikhote-Alin

Pacific Institute of Geography FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia

South Sikhote-Alin pine-broadleaf and fir-spruce forest epiphytic lichen flora is notable for its wide biological diversity. This area contains 525 species of epiphytic lichen, which belong to 132 genera, 51 families and 11 orders. At the present time it has been studied quite thoroughly and includes 83.8% of the known species of Russia's Far East epiphytic lichens. Pine-broadleaf and fir-spurce epiphytic lichen flora of southern Sikhote-Alin form a part of the lichen flora of Holarctic temperate forest zone. Systematic analysis data allowed characterizing epiphytic lichen flora as boreal-nemoral with a significant participation of the East Asian species. The lichen flora include both a large number of common lichen and rare species, part of which is located near the border of their natural habitats where the core of the region's protected species is concentrated. Species diversity of epiphytic lichen flora represents favorable climatic conditions of the region for epiphytic lichens and the presence of a large amount of available phorophytes. This conforms to the region's topography and vegetation and reflects its geographical position within the limits of two geobotanical areas: South-Okhotsk dark conifer forest and the East Asian coniferous-deciduous forest.

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