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Nikolin E.G. 2013. The Conspectus of Flora of the Verkhoyansk Mountain Range. Nauka, Novosibirsk, 248 pp. ISBN 978-5-02-019107-5 (in Russian)

Results of the long-term period of study of flora of the Verkhoyansk Mountain Range are compiled in the uniform species list (Conspectus) in accordance with the contemporary plant nomenclature. Nine hundred vascular plant species, subspecies and varieties that belong to 276 genera and 78 families were analysed for geographical distribution, taxonomical diversity, growth forms and ecological groups. The book is intended for botanists, biologists, geographers, ecologists and conservation specialists.

The book is available from the author: Eugene G. Nikolin, Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolotozone SB RAS, Prospect Lenina 41, Yakutsk 677890, Russia; e-mail:

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