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Koldaeva, M.N., Nesterova S.V. & Pshennikova L.M. 2013 Hundred Moments of Spring. MSUN, Vladivostok, 254 pp. ISBN 978-5-8343-0804-1 (in Russian, with Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and scientific plant names)

The book describes herb species of Primorskii Krai (the Russian Far East) blooming in spring and includes mor­pho­logical features of 100 plant species. The authors focus on biological adaptations of the early spring plants connected with the early start of vegetation and flowering. The book with 536 color illustrations and text can be a useful guide for biologists, ecologists, environmentalists, teachers and lecturers as well as naturalists.

The book is available from: Botanical Garden-Institute FEB RAS, Makovskii Str. 142, Vladivostok 690024 Russia; e-mail:

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