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Berkutenko A.N. 2012 They bloom on Kamchatka volcanoes. North-Eastern Scientific Centre, Magadan, 160 pp. (Bilingual: English, Russian, title of the Russian version: Plants of Kamchatka volcanoes). 68 color ill. Тables 1. Refs. 31. Suppl. 1. ISBN 978-5-94729-126-1

This is the first illustrated book dedicated to the flora of three of the most well known Kamchatka volcanoes, situated on the south-east of Kamchatka peninsula: Avachinskyi, Korjakskyi, and Mutnovskyi. An annotated list of their vascular plants consists of 299 species. For each species, the ecology and abundance are given; for most of the species, the altitudinal limits of growing under the specific conditions of volcanism are given. A separate table comparing the occurrence of species on the three volcanoes is represented, as well as some data on the altitudinal limits of plant distribution on Kozelskyi volcano. More than one-third of the species are illustrated in color photos taken on the volcanoes. These photos are designed to show species occurring in alpine and subalpine belts, and also in the forest belts in the foothills of the volcanoes. Distribution of these spe­cies in the Russian Far East is shown on dotted maps. Photos of some of the vol­ca­noes are given. This book is addressed to botanists, geographers, gar­de­ners, ecologists, teachers, students, and all travelers who are either already fami­li­ar with Kamchatka or are just being introduced to this uni­que region.
Scientific editor: Dr. A.N. Polezhaev
Reviewer: Dr. N.G. Klochkova

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