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Barkalov, V. Yu. 2009. Flora of the Kuril Islands. Dal­na­uka, Vladivostok, 468 pр. + 12 р. color inserts (in Rus­sian with English abstract and tables/figures legends).

The book synthesizes the results of the author's more than 20 years study of the flora of Kuril Islands. The book re­pre­sents a conspectus of flora, which includes а list of 1411 species of vascular plants and information on their dis­tri­bu­tion in the islands, their ecology and the frequency of occurrence. То identify the characteristics of the flora of Kuril Islands, the analyses of taxonomic structure, life form spect­ra, coenotic and geographical elements and endemism were conducted. The top 10 families in the floristic spectrum account for 50.9 % of the total number of species of the flora of Kuril Islands that indicates its boreal character. The most important of them are Cyperaceae (136 species), Poa­ceae (122) and Asteraceae (91). The East Asian features are most expressed in the southern part of the archipelago, where the southern families Plagiogyriaceae, Тахасеае, Schi­sand­raceae, Magnoliaceae, Daphniphyllaceae, Tiliaceae and others are of great importance. Endemic species in the flora of Kuril Islands reflecting its specific features are poorly presented: endemics make up only about 2 % of the total number of native species. The flora of Kuril Is­lands has been originated from two florogenetic cen­ters, Beringia in the north and Japanese Archipelago in the south.

The book is intended for botanists, biologists, geographers, specialists on environmental conservation, researchers of local floras.

The book is available from the author: Vyacheslav Yu. Barkalov, Institute of Biology and Soil Science FEB RAS, Vladivostok, 690022, Russia. e-mail:

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