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Alexey Shipunov

Bridges Between Classical Botany and Plant Sciences of 21 Century

Dear Colleagues, We invite you to contribute to a Special Issue of Botanica Pacifica dedicated to the memory of Alexey Shipunov (1965 – 2022). Alexey Shipunov was a biologist of exceptional breadth. His research included (but was not limited by!) so diverse areas as macro- and microevolution, taxonomy and nomenclature, floristics, quantitative methods and databasing. Alexey studied fungi, protists, viruses and of course angiosperms (especially Plantago, Dactylorhiza and Centaurea). Alexey was a great Teacher of botany in various meanings of this word.

We anticipate that the Special Issue will be composed by papers contributed by Alexey’s colleagues and/or focused on research topics somehow related to his studies. Review and opinion papers are welcome. Since Alexey has a lot of collaborations, the Issue may be used as opportunity to finalize and publish such collaborative studies. Finally, taken in the mind the fact that Alexey was an encyclopaedic person, simply high-quality research can be included in the Issue.

Please contact any of the Issue Editors until 1 March 2023 to offer a title of your contribution to the Special Issue. The deadline for manuscript submission is 1 May 2023. All manuscripts should be submitted in English following guidelines of Botanica Pacifica ( Adding a memorial section at the end of the paper is encouraged, but not required. The memorial section can be either in English or Russian. All papers will be subject of blind peer-review according to the policy of Botanica Pacifica in coordination with Special Issue Editors.

Botanica Pacifica is an international fully open-access journal indexed in Scopus. No processing fee or article submission charges are required. Papers are being rapidly published online before final publication of volumes.

With best regards,

Pavel Krestov and Special Issue Editors:

Petr Efimov
Alexei Oskolski
Svetlana Polevova
Dmitry Sokoloff

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