Reg. code Reg. name Number of Mid point
genera families species Latitude Longitude
F04 Koriakia 249 73 715 62.0 170.5

This region includes the eastern slopes of the Kolymskiy Range (highest elevation 1800 m), the plains of the upper Anadyr River (Bering Sea Basin), the Penzhina River (Sea of Okhotsk Basin), and the Koryakskiy upland (reaching 2562 m), which lies between the Bering Sea coast and the Kamchatka Peninsula. The eastern region borders the Bering Sea and the southwestern part borders the Sea of Okhotsk and Penzhina Bay.

The climate of the region is subarctic, influenced by the Pacific monsoon. Within the region the climate changes from submaritime in the west to maritime on the coast of the Bering Sea. Mean annual temperature ranges from -4.1 to -4.6 C, with freezing temperatures starting by the end of September. Mean January temperature does not fall below -13 to -16 C in the coastal areas. The warmest month is August, with mean temperature reaching 8.0-8.6 C. Due to the cold water with lingering sea ice, this region receives less precipitation than Kamchatka to the south. Annual precipitation ranges from 300 mm in the interior to 700 mm on the coast, but may reach 900 mm at higher elevations. Most precipitation falls in summer.

Endemic species
Corispermum maynense, Gastrolychnis soczaviana, Sparganium probatovae, Taraxacum korjakense, Tephroseris schistosa

Species list
File L_F04.txt with the native plants of Koriakia floristic district is for downloading

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