Reg. code Reg. name Number of Mid point
genera families species Latitude Longitude
F02 Aniuy 200 63 607 65.0 160.5

Most of the Anuj region is mountainous, with highly dissected topography and absolute elevations of 2500-2900 m. The valleys of the Anuj and Omolon Rivers are wide and have alluvial deposits. The elevation difference from valley bottoms to mountaintops ranges from 300 to 500 m. The region does not have any marine borders.

The climate of most of the region is severe continental subarctic, with very striking seasonality due to interactions between Asian anticyclones and Aleutian cyclones. Annual precipitation is 300-500 mm, while mean annual temperature ranges from -11 to -12 C. The mean temperature of the coldest month (January) is between -30 and -36 C and that of the warmest month (July) between 13 and 14 C. Freezing temperatures can start as early as mid-September, and the recorded extreme minimum temperature is -60 C.

Endemic species
Chrysosplenium arctomontanum

Species list

File L_F02.txt with the native plants of Aniuy floristic district is for downloading

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