Reg. code Reg. name Number of Mid point
genera families species Latitude Longitude
F01 Chukotka 244 71 868 67.0 174.5

This region lies in easternmost Arctic Eurasia and includes, as defined by Yurtsev (1974), the Chukotka Peninsula and Wrangel and Gerald Islands. The region contains extensive lowlands along the lower Anadyr River and along the coast of the Chukotian Sea. In the interior, mountainous terrain prevails. The mountain chains are oriented east-west and reach elevations of up to 1843 m (Chantal'skiy mountain range). Among the largest rivers are the Anadyr (in the Bering Sea Basin) and Amguema Rivers (in the Chukotian Sea Basin).

The northern part, including Wrangel Island and the coasts of the East Siberian Sea and Chukotian Sea, has a typical arctic climate, characterized as perhumid, with short, cool summers and long, cold winters. Mean annual temperatures along the East Siberian Sea range from -10 to -14 C. Mean January temperatures range from -27 to -32 C and mean July temperatures from 4 to 7 C. Along the Bering Sea coast, the slightly milder climate has mean annual temperatures ranging from -5 to -8 C; January and July mean temperatures here range from -14 to -23 C, and from 5 to 10 C, respectively. Average annual precipitation varies from 136 mm at Pevek (on the coast of the East Siberian Sea) to 540 mm on Cape Navarin. Despite the low precipitation, cold temperatures and very low evapotranspiration rates result in perhumid conditions.

Endemic species
Arctanthemum integrifolium, Cardamine sphenophylla, Hedysarum mackenzii, Oxytropis beringensis, O. kateninii, O. sverdrupii, O. uschakovii, O. wrangelii, Papaver atrovirens, P. chionophilum, P. gorodkovii, P. multiradiatum, P. uschakovii, Poa arctostepporum, Potentilla beringensis, P. villosula, P. wrangelii, Ranunculus punctatus, Saxifraga arctolitoralis, Solidago compacta, Suaeda arctica, Taraxacum anadyrense, T. czukoticum, T. leucocarpum, T. nanaunii, T. pseudoplatylepium, T. senjavinense, T. tolmaczevii, T. uschakovii, T. wrangelicum

Species list

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